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LFCHD committees: Employee Association

Note: This was updated May 27, 2015, to reflect new members.

LFCHD has several committees designed to improve the workplace, from making it safer to improving our health. The following is a look at one of those employee committees:

Employee Association
Any person employed by the health department is a member of the Employee Association, which exists to reflect and express the feelings and desires of the employees, while enhancing the morale and well-being of all employees. If you have questions, suggestions for activities, fundraising ideas or would like to help plan an EA event, please feel free to contact us.

Melissa Smith, chair
Jeanette Alvarez
Elaine Bailey
Maria Delafuente
Cristina Hiten
Jessica Jackson
Theresa Lakin
Maria Persson
Bailey Preston
Sharon Robinson
Abigail Sargent
Raven Sigala
Kara Stanfield
Rebecca Young
Roanya Rice, liaison

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