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LFCHD committees: Equal Employment Opportunity

Note: This was updated Feb. 10, 2015, to reflect new members.
LFCHD has several committees designed to improve the workplace, from making it safer to improving our health. The following is a look at one of those employee committees:

Equal Employment Opportunity
EEO advises on personnel policies/actions to help assure that they are implemented in a fair manner. The committee assists employees with disputes and complaints resolution.

The EEO committee also does the following:
• serves in an advisory capacity to the Commissioner and Human Resources regarding complaints and EEO issues.

• works closely with the Human Resources Officer to promptly investigate and expedite resolution of complaints and grievances.

• provides recommendations regarding policy additions/revisions.

• advises the Commissioner and Human Resources on the effectiveness of the health department’s EEO/diversity program, its merits and deficiencies, and recommends ideas for improving the program.

• provides assistance for staff and management in areas such as training, workshops, community resources and counseling.

• recommends and /or coordinates meaningful diversity initiatives and activities for all employees.

Virginia Glasper, chair/counselor
Nancy Turner, chair/counselor
Ruben Perez, counselor
Sandra Lilly, counselor
Estephany Romero, recording secretary
Michelle Donaghy, liasion

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