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LFCHD committees: Safety

LFCHD has several committees designed to improve the workplace, from making it safer to improving our health. The following is a look at one of those employee committees:

Safety Committee
The safety committee plays a vital role in workplace safety. Our safety committee has nine members from the different areas of LFCHD and HealthFirst Bluegrass. We meet on the first Thursday of the month and are charged with the responsibility of enforcing safety standards, either by developing and/or monitoring safety policies and procedures, while implementing any safety precautions before accidents occur. We also investigate and inspect areas of safety and report problems or concerns to management and/or maintenance with recommendations of corrective actions.

Jennifer Wyatt, chair
Darin Swartz, co-chair
Lindsey Earlywine/secretary
Bill Cooper, Facilities/Maintenance rep
Drew Beckett, 805 Newtown Circle rep
Allison Evans, 805 Newtown Circle rep
Laura Collins 805B Newtown Circle rep
Russell Cantrell, 804 Newtown Circle/Environmental rep
Sybil Caballero, 808 Newtown Circle rep
Carla Basanta, 650 Newtown Pike rep (fourth floor)
Michelle Donaghy, HR rep (third floor)
Jeanette Alvarez, 650 Newtown Pike/Administration rep
Sandy Price, HealthFirst Bluegrass rep (first floor)

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