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CCHC springs into action

The Child Care Health Consultation (CCHC) team held its annual Spring Update March 27 and 28.

CCHC hosted a training at 805B Newtown Circle March 27 to discuss eco-friendly child care. A guest speaker from out of state came to cover topics like safe cleaners to use within child care facilities and how to monitor air quality to determine the safest times to take children outdoors. A consultant was also there to present information about the 5-2-1-0 Physical Activity/Nutrition program.

Catherine Lowe provided an interview to WEKU News.

Catherine Lowe took a break from the meeting to provide an interview to WEKU News to discuss the purpose of the meeting and basic information about the CCHC program.

Guests in attendance included the Division of Regulated Child Care at the state level, the CCHC Program Administrator from the Kentucky Department for Public Health, the Division of Child Care from Frankfort and staff from Kenton County schools.

The session continued March 28 at the Ramada Conference Center in collaboration with STARS for Kids Now, to discuss cultural diversity.

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