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Healthier vending coming May 1

Starting  May 1, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department’s vending machines will move toward featuring more healthy selections. Staff met with our vending machine retailer, and then selected offerings based on overall calories, fat, sugar and sodium content, as well as products that would still be affordable for the population we serve.

Items being replaced include non-diet soft drinks and high-calorie/fat snack items. The new, healthier options will include more water, diet drinks, fruit drinks and low-calorie/fat snacks. The switch to healthier options is part of a department-wide initiative to improve the overall health of our staff and patients. Our staff spends time educating the general public about eating healthier foods, so the department wanted to be leaders and start removing unhealthy options.

To introduce some of these products to you, you will have the chance to pick up free samples May 1 in the breakrooms at 650 Newtown Pike, 804 Newtown Circle, 805A&B Newtown Circle and 2433 Regency Road (items will be placed near lunchtime; please only take one sample per person, as a limited number of items will be available).

Please remember, the commission we receive from these machines is the main funding source that supports the agency’s retirement receptions, bereavement flowers, Thanksgiving dinner, Employee Picnic and Health Fair and various other activities throughout the year.

Keep in mind, these vending choices were also selected based on national standards used by the General Services Administration (which handles all food in Federal buildings) and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and is also an extension of the Lexington Division of Parks & Recreation’s Better Bites program (the new line of fresh, healthy foods being offered at Parks and Recreation pools, the Lexington Legends Ballpark and other recreational facilities in Lexington).

We appreciate your support and patience as we move forward with this transition. If you have any suggestions, please contact the Employee Wellness Committee or the Employee Association.

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