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LFCHD celebrates National Nurses Week

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department is celebrating National Nurses Week, held annually to focus attention on the diverse ways America’s 3.1 million registered nurses work to save lives and improve the health of millions of people. This year’s theme is “Nurses: Advocating, Leading Caring.”

National Nurses Week begins on May 6 and ends May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, founder of nursing as a modern profession.

Traditionally, National Nurses Week is devoted to highlighting the diverse ways in which registered nurses, who comprise the largest health care profession, are working to improve health care. From bedside nursing in hospitals and long-term care facilities to the halls of research institutions, state legislatures, and Congress, the depth and breadth of the nursing profession is meeting the expanding health care needs of American society.

LFCHD’s and HealthFirst Bluegrass’ nurses are:
Tonya Allen
Michele Atherton
Frances Banks
Carla Basanta
Eloise Beebout
Patti Boggs
Louise Booth
Polly Brandenburg
Sandra Breeding
Janice Bright
Angela Brown
Stacey Burnett
Jaleen Cagle
Shelly Chandler
Barbara Chavez
Holly Clendenin
Rachael Clipson
Mariam Coleman
Laura Collins
Hana Crabtree
Kimberly Darland
Deborah Davenport
Lois Davis
Bonnie Dawson
Patricia Dimon
Hattie Dinkins
Kristen Dostart
Sharon Duke
Tamura Dungan
Jane Eaton
Dianne Evans
Heather Fugate
Glyndon Givens
Kate Grap
Veronica Graves
Cheryl Green
Joni Green
Peggy Hall
Kimberly Harris
Angela Hiten
Diana Ishmael
Joan Jarboe
Pamela Jayne
Cynthia Kahlo
Debbie Kerns
Jill Keys
Cassie Danielle King
Trenna Kreilein
Karen Kryscio
Catherine Lowe
Michelle Marra
Dawn Marshall
Glenda Martinez
Nicole Marie May
Terry Mehok
Emily Messerli
Bhavini Mody
Karen Nagy
Lindsay Pappas
Lee Parson
Debbie Paul
Delores Peers
Elizabeth Pfeffer
Sandra Price
Jerri Prince
Laura Proctor
Barbara Quam
Sherry Ramey
Susan Reemelin
Roanya Rice
Debra Rickerd
Clara Sampson
Moni Shields
Sally Siebert
Lee Ann Street
Heidi Sunny
Ann Thompson
Lindsey Todd
Melissa Toy
Janet Turner
Deanna Sue Vanbussum
Betty Carol Vaughan
Anna Wasilkowski
Cassie Weig
Pam Weinstock
Janey Wendschlag
Pam Wilder
Cynthia Wilson

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