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Internal bidding improvements coming soon…

Your LFCHD Human Resources staff is moving with the ever-changing times! As such, we will be taking new steps with our recruiting process and the way in which candidates apply.

As more bells and whistles are added to our current applicant tracking system (Kwantek), internal candidates will be able to apply online in the same fashion as external candidates since the system has the capability to differentiate between internal and external applications. This means the five-day submission process will still exist for exclusive internal consideration. However, internal candidates will apply by uploading a resume via the health department website once the new system is in place. Until then, please continue using the internal bid form and attach an updated resume so that the interview team sees your most recent experience.

As we slowly transition from internal bidding to an internal resume upload process, we are hopeful to produce a series of articles to help you prepare. Human Resources staff is looking forward to working with employees to better prepare you for career development. Stay tuned!

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