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As previously mentioned, Human Resources will soon be implementing an internal bidding process which will require employees to upload a resume to apply and be considered for open positions. No longer are the days you can hope for a promotion to fall in your lap. It’s time to put your best foot forward and really sell yourself! Here are a few helpful hints to get you started:

Take the application process seriously. All too often an internal candidate thinks the hiring supervisor already knows his/her skills and experience just because he/she has worked here. Remember, as an internal candidate, you are competing with other employees and external candidates in today’s market. External candidates can be extremely competitive because they are prepared to market their skills and experience in order to land the job. Don’t be complacent. Sell yourself as you would if you were applying for any other job and do so as if no one in the organization knows anything about you.

Keep your current skills up-to-date. Better yet, seek out new skills. Becoming the best customer service representative of all time is great. Developing marketable skills that prepare you for more responsibility is going the extra mile! You can go to school, learn another language, take on temporary projects, volunteer, and develop a mentor relationship. By doing so, you are creating experience that you can include on your resume and use to market yourself.

Perform a “gap analysis.” If you are so good at your job that you feel indispensable and think that the company may fall apart if you left, then you might be in a rut, especially if you are lacking broader skills (such as leading projects or management skills). Perform a “gap analysis” of your skill set. Make an inventory of your current skills and qualifications then compare your inventory list of skills to what you need to achieve your personal career goal. There are many online resources regarding gap analysis. Essentially, it is assessing you, generating gaps, prioritizing gaps and monitoring your career plan. All of this can be done by yourself, with your manager’s support, or another mentor.

Implement projects and training. If you are so good at your job that you find yourself looking for things to do, ask your supervisor about taking another employee under your wing or take on a project to enhance the services that your department provides. Implementing work projects/training and working with another employee to do your job shows that you have leadership skills and that you care about helping other employees develop their skills. Don’t just say you’re a team player – BE a team player! Then, put that experience on your resume.

Set reasonable and attainable expectations for yourself and take responsibility for your own happiness. Unrealistic goals can lead to burn-out. Find a balance between persistence and commonsense; AND just in case you didn’t get the last promotion have a back-up plan until you find the next job opportunity!

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