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Employees finish YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

Six LFCHD employees recently completed the 16-week YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program. They were identified as high risk for developing type 2 diabetes by the risk factors, and they voluntarily participated each Wednesday during their lunch time.

The program began March 21 and finished July 18. A health coach met each week at 650 Newtown Pike to encourage the group’s members to increase their physical activity to 150 minutes per week. The health coach also provided healthy eating tips to promote losing 7 percent of their body weight.

The program had a $50 fee that was applied to a three-month YMCA city-wide membership. With the group and individual coaching support, all participants were pleased to see individual weight loss, as well as an increase in weekly physical activity.

The program continues with a monthly maintenance track for the next eight months. Congratulations to those motivated employees who truly made lifestyle changes!

The YMCA is willing to start another Diabetes Prevention Program here on-site if the department can get at least six employees committed to this program. The group decides the weekly meeting time: before work, during lunch or after work time. This is a voluntary program outside of work time. For further information, please contact Janey Wendschlag at extension 2310 or through the form below.

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