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EEO welcomes a new officer

Nancy Turner was recently named a new officer on the LFCHD Equal Employment Opportunity Committee.

Nancy has been with the department since November 1986 and currently works as an executive assistant to Lois Davis in Public Health. She has been active on the EEO Committee for more than eight years, having served as a counselor and, most recently, as committee secretary.

The EEO Committee advises on personnel policies/actions to help assure that they are implemented in a fair manner. The committee assists employees with disputes and complaints resolution. The committee is made up of one EEO counselor for about every 50 employees and includes two EEO officers who act as liaisons with Human Resources and the commissioner, attend the quarterly Merit Council meetings and provide guidance to the EEO counselors.

The EEO committee also does the following:
• serves in an advisory capacity to the Commissioner and Human Resources regarding complaints and EEO issues.
• works closely with the Human Resources Officer to promptly investigate and expedite resolution of complaints and grievances.
• provides recommendations regarding policy additions/revisions.
• advises the Commissioner and Human Resources on the effectiveness of the health department’s EEO/diversity program, its merits and deficiencies, and recommends ideas for improving the program.
• provides assistance for staff and management in areas such as training, workshops, community resources and counseling.
• recommends and /or coordinates meaningful diversity initiatives and activities for all employees.

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