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Today is National Disease Intervention Specialist Recognition Day

Friday, Oct. 5, is the first National Disease Intervention Specialist Recognition Day, designed to honor those who work in STD, HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis programs.

The DIS team is made up of Jessica Noto, Sherry Ramey, Tara Simpson and Julie Moon.

DIS personnel provide confidential Partner Services interviews of persons diagnosed with an STD to address concerns about their diagnosis, treatment, counseling, and referral needs. In addition, they work to obtain the names and contact information of their sexual partner(s) in order to confidentially notify their partners to inform them of their exposure, offer counseling, testing and treatment. This service effectively breaks the chain of disease transmission and protects the public health.

The LFCHD DIS team covers 63 counties for STDs, covering the central northeastern, eastern, southeastern and southcentral parts of Kentucky. In 2010, the team investigated 634 cases, partners and high-risk associates. Of those, 402 were in Fayette County and 232 were outside.

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