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LFCHD gives 1,669 shots at Free Flu Friday

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LFCHD employees gave 1,669 free flu shots Oct. 12 as part of its annual Free Flu Friday event, which provides the community with vaccinations while allowing the department to test its emergency preparedness. This year’s Free Flu Friday was held at Imani Family Life Center.

Events like Free Flu Friday make sure the health department is prepared for times like 2009 when H1N1 appeared. Our nurses and staff were accustomed to these large-scale vaccination events, so we were able to respond swiftly, efficiently and effectively for Lexington. As a result, our community remains safer, healthier and better informed about the flu.

This year’s Free Flu Friday saw the debut of an advance registration form that could be printed off from, then brought to Imani the day of the event. More than 600 people used the form, which helped cut down on time spent waiting in line. Many participants also accessed information from the health department’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to get regular updates.

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