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Updated policies now available on the Intranet

Jeanette Alvarez, Carla Basanta, Jessica Cobb, Michelle Donaghy, Virginia Glasper and Ralph McCracken serve on The Quality Improvement (QI) Policy Management Committee.

The Quality Improvement (QI) Policy Management Committee was organized to complete one of the first Quality Improvement projects for the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department (LFCHD).

The QI team has been meeting since May 2012 to gather and organize all LFCHD policies. The team is currently reviewing all new and old policies for relevance and accurate information.

Policies now on the Intranet
For ease of access, employees can now view all current policies on the Intranet Homepage. These policies are listed under a menu button, Policies, and are organized into nine different categories. There are currently 30 newly reviewed policies in this location, in addition to all of the policies in the Human Resources section. More policies will be added in the coming months. All of the policies in the Human Resources section are applicable to both Public Health and HealthFirst Bluegrass. Policies in other sections may be based on Public Health issues only and are not applicable to HealthFirst Bluegrass.

Notices of newly reviewed and approved policies will be sent out department-wide via email announcements.

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