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Employee Assistance Program offers help during tough times

Valentine’s Day is coming up. All the heart-shaped candy is on display and red hearts are everywhere, with all the focus on “love” — love your sweetie, love your mother, love your kids, your relatives and your friends. But how about love your work? Or, love how your life in general is going right now?

If some problem of daily living is getting you or a family member down, your EAP can be a wonderful resource for free and confidential help. To get that help, all you or a family member has to do is call Access Wellness Group at (859) 309-0309 or toll-free at (877) 834-7836 and make an appointment to see one of AWG’s experienced counselors. They can help you sort out and deal with whatever is weighing heavily on your heart.

Visit the EAP website for more information.

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