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ListenUp service provides confidential way to report serious issues

The ListenUp service is designed to provide employees with a secure and confidential way to report serious wrongdoing and major breaches of conduct at the health department. ListenUp is an independent service not affiliated with LFCHD.

Having Listen Up does not change Human Resource’s open-door policy, nor does it bypass the grievance procedures. Wherever possible, you are encouraged to pursue grievances via the normal channels and to come forward to management or a member of the LFCHD EEO/Diversity Committee on an identified basis to raise issues you feel can improve LFCHD business.

However, for any serious matters that you don’t feel comfortable reporting to your manager, or for those occasions when confidentiality is a vital consideration, you can contact ListenUp via phone or website. When using the ListenUp service, you will be provided a case number which you can use to anonymously report. After ListenUp receives your report, the report is forwarded to a review team at LFCHD. The review team consists of two LFCHD board members, the Human Resources Officer, the Business Services Officer, two EEO Committee Officers and the Executive Assistant to the Commissioner.

The team will provide ListenUp a response to your report using the case number and take any appropriate steps to investigate and resolve the issue.

Listen Up Phone: 1-800-664-7721
Listen Up Website:

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