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March is National Professional Social Work Month

March is National Professional Social Work Month, and this year’s theme is “Weaving Threads of Resilience and Advocacy”. This important month continues to celebrate the profession and be a voice for all social workers.

There are approximately 650,000 professional Social Workers employed in every community across the country. Social Workers are involved in and have an impact on all facets of society. The initial idea of Social Work Month was to try to combat the widespread notion that social work was something anyone can do; or that it just involved people who were good Samaritans trying to help others. The profession has taken a long time to demonstrate and explain the professional nature of social work.

From its start in the 1960s, Social Work Month has been a nationwide effort. In 1965, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) News published a Social Workers Month Regional Report, which documented the efforts of NASW chapters spreading the new concept of Social Work Month awareness.

The first Social Work Month theme – “Support Social Work Education in Your State” – was introduced in 1966. Back then, NASW acknowledged that the purpose of Social Work Month was to spread public awareness and knowledge of the profession. And nearly half a century later, the intent is very much the same. Social Work Month is a way for everyone to recognize the profession – who social workers are and what they do.

LFCHD social workers include: Brenda Barbieri, Jessica Jackson, Mark Johnson, Sarah McMahan, Julie Moon and Lauren Newsome.

We applaud these passionate and committed people for their hard and dedicated work.

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