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Getting to Know: Lauren Newsome

Name: Lauren Newsome

Job Title: HIV Outreach Specialist

Department/Program Name: Targeted Prevention

Years Worked at LFCHD: Less than 1

Favorite Thing About Working at LFCHD: I enjoy being part of a team that truly cares about the well-being of the community around them!

Favorite Movie: Love Actually

Favorite Singer/Band/Musician: Laura Marling, Avett Brothers, Vandeveer, My Morning Jacket

Favorite Book: Pride & Prejudice, Their Eyes were Watching God, Nickel and Dimed (I could never pick one)

Favorite Place to Eat: Anything new and local. I love sushi. I do have a frequent diner card at Shamrock's Pub and Grille.

Favorite Hobbies: Sports and concerts. (That was an easy one.)

Favorite Pets: Millie and Ace, my dogs.

Dream Vacation: Anywhere I can climb a mountain, zipline and lay on the beach all in one.

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