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Healthy Times is feeling well

When you see this logo on a flyer or in an email, it will also include the amount of points you’ll be eligible to earn to put toward your worksite wellness incentives.

Healthy Times has now launched a new “Wellness” category so that you can easily search for and access all Wellness-related features. How do you find Wellness articles? It’s easy. Just look for the “Categories” drop-down menu near the top right corner of Healthy Times. Choose “Wellness” from the drop-down and you’ll be taken straight to all Wellness articles.

What’s next? We need your help building our Wellness archive!

We want you to share your wellness journey and experiences with us.

  • Have a favorite healthy recipe that you want to share with your co-workers?
  • Achieved a healthy weight or improved your health as a result of one of our worksite wellness programs or wellness activities you do outside of work?
  • Have a wellness event like a 5K you want to invite your co-workers to join?
  • Member of a sports team or exercise group (or starting one up) that you want to invite others to be a part of?

Your stories don’t have to be limited to the suggestions provided above. Contact Greg Hiles or Doraine Bailey if you have questions or ideas for a Wellness article. We’ll try to include it in a future post on Healthy Times.

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