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PH Employee Association recruiting new members

Effective April 1, 2013, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department’s Public Health Employee Association (PHEA) will become a subcommittee of the Employee Wellness Committee. The current PHEA officers, Greg Hiles and Jason Taylor, have fulfilled their terms and will be stepping down from their officer positions at the end of March.

The PHEA is looking looking to recruit AT LEAST SIX new enthusiastic members to join the current four members (Allison Evans, Jessica Jackson, Kara Stanfield and Janey Wendschlag). If you have fresh ideas on exciting events and programs that we can create/host for our fellow employees, we would love for you to join! Ideally, we would like a representative from EACH program area so that we can determine the best possible programming for staff.

Please remember: In order to continue to host the same level of events for employees, we need people to volunteer to serve as members of PHEA.

You can find more details about the Association below. Then, if you would like to join, please contact Greg Hiles at ext. 2358, by Friday, March 29.

Why is it important to serve on the PHEA?

  • The PH Employee Association helps plan many of the annual events that employees come to expect
  • The group helps recognize fellow employees when they retire, or send condolences when they lose a loved one
  • The Association is an independent entity that maintains its own funds and is able to host its own fundraisers, which in turn allows us provide employees with more incentives
  • You can give a unique perspective on the best ways to reach your program’s employees
  • You can also earn points toward your Worksite Wellness Incentive Plan

Why is this move necessary?

  • Planning for these events is time consuming and takes a lot of work – we need to continue to look to operate in new ways in order to streamline event planning while remaining sensitive to employee needs
  • As most activities that are hosted by PHEA fall under areas of wellness, combining these two groups will maximize resources

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