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Public Health staff attend KPHA Conference

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The 65th annual Kentucky Public Health Association (KPHA) Conference was held March 26-28, in Louisville, and was attended by many Lexington-Fayette County Health Department Public Health staff.

During the conference, Commissioner Stephanie Mayfield Gibson presented the Commissioner’s Award for Quality Improvement to the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department in recognition of outstanding performance for improvements in the WIC delivery system.

What did your fellow employees learn and take away from the conference? Click thru the red “Read More…” link to find out.

Here are some “one-liners” that employees took away from the conference:

“The true meaning of public health and health outcomes involves looking at the big picture (class, race/ethnicity, education, etc.).”

“People in poverty are problem-solvers — those in poverty face so much adversity every day that they are accomplished at overcoming obstacles in the lives, anything from how do I get to the store this week to how do I juggle my bills so my utilities aren’t cut off.”

“Middle class people make choices to ‘get ahead’ – people in poverty make choices to get by.”

“Health Equity is knowing the needs of your community. You have to bring them to the table folks.”

“Equality is making sure everyone has shoes. Equity is making sure the shoes fit.”

“Accept people where they are today.”

“People in all classes, sectors, and political persuasions are problem solvers and need to be at the decision making table.”

“Public Health is going to shift from a focus on individuals to a focus on populations.”

“Over the years, we’ve had ups and downs and threats and budget cuts, but Public Health is truly changing significantly, NOW, for the first time in my lifetime, or at least that I can recall; I don’t think many of us really even comprehend that yet.”

“Sometimes you have to be willing to throw the book away for awhile because there are people that need your help now…you can always go back to the book later.”

“Nurses get the job done.”

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