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Make vision a priority during Healthy Vision Month

In May, Healthy Vision Month, the National Eye Institute (NEI) calls on Americans to make their vision a priority by taking the necessary steps to protect vision, prevent vision loss, and make the most of the vision they may have remaining.

The best way to care for your eyes is by having a comprehensive dilated eye exam. During this exam, drops are placed in your eyes to dilate, or widen, the pupils. This procedure can detect vision problems and determine whether you need eye glasses or contact lenses. It can also detect eye diseases, many of which cause visual impairment and blindness, in their early stages when they’re the most treatable.

Preventing eye injuries is also important. Many occupations and forms of recreation can present dangers to the eye. Eye protection is a necessity when our jobs put our eyes at risk. It is estimated that wearing protective eyewear when playing sports can cut down on related eye injuries by as much as 90 percent. Wearing eye protection when working in the yard will also lower the number of those who experience serious eye trauma.

Did you know that you can also earn 25 wellness points toward your Worksite Wellness Incentive Plan by scheduling an eye exam and providing proof of visit? Are you already enrolled in the Worksite Wellness Incentive Plan? By doing so, a Public Health employee can currently earn a maximum of 15 hours of paid wellness time off each year, and a maximum of $150 each year.


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