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Hollinger recognizes PSI Students of the Year

Elayne Hollinger, senior health educator, recently selected Beaumont Middle School Students Jack Warren and Anne VanderBerg as her PSI 2013 Students of The Year.

Elayne Hollinger works with the Postponing Sexual Involvement (PSI) and Reducing the Risks (RTR) programs in local middle and high schools. This year, Hollinger selected two students, Jack Warren and Anne VanderBerg, as her 2013 PSI Students of the Year. Click the red “Read More…” link to view a personal note from Hollinger:

“During my soon-to-be 16 years of employment at Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, I have been into most schools in Fayette County and have presented, lectured and trained in many other capacities within the community as well. I have encountered thousands of youths from every background, ethnicity, religion, race and socio-economic status. While listening, speaking and intellectually exchanging dialogue with many of the kids I encounter, one might think that they are adults if they didn’t know any better. I have met tons of kids like this and it is always a pleasure to dialogue with them, to be around them and to exchange thoughts with them. I see myself as a kid thru them (I loved to talk as a kid). However, this year there are two very distinct 7th graders at Beaumont Middle School that truly made me take a step a back in time; they made me seriously realize why I enjoy the work that I do and why after all this time I am still doing what I do. For these reason,s Jack Warren and Anne VanderBerg were awarded my pick of PSI 2013 Students of The Year. Kids are kids, but there are kids like Jack and Anne that truly bring a real smile and a sense of pride to the work that I do.”

The health department’s PSI Program reaches nearly 5,000 middle school students and focuses on the risks and consequences of early sexual involvement. The RTR Program reaches approximately 1,500 high school students and teaches lessons about birth control, STIs, HIV/AIDS and refusal skills building. To learn more about these programs, visit the health department’s website by clicking here.

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