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The countdown is on: Wellness challenges wrap up soon

It’s now down to the wire for groups competing in the Group Weight Loss Challenge, and the progress for the past two months has been great!

Here are some highlights from the teams:

  • Increase in exercise and physical activity: cardio and strength training, gardening/yard work, yoga, Zumba, hula hoop-ing, walking, playing games X-Box Kinect, jump roping, biking, hiking, rollerblading, boxing, swimming and dancing. Groups have also participated in the employee walking program and exercise classes, such as the 10/10/10 class, walking during breaks, taking walks as a group and discussing with each other about daily exercise and progress.
  • Efforts to eat healthier with changes in eating habits: increasing fruits and vegetable intake and fiber intake, drinking more water, cutting out junk food and limiting sweets, eating more home-cooked meals and less restaurant food.

Congratulations to the teams for reporting these milestones:

  • dropping clothing sizes,
  • reducing medication as a result of diet and exercise
  • and reduced blood pressure.

So far, groups have lost from 6-32 lbs! Keep up the good work!

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