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Public Health Clinic welcomes new addition

The Public Health Clinic is excited to introduce its newest addition to the clinic, the Women’s Health Kiosk.

While partnering with St. Andrew Development, Inc. the Kentucky Commission On Women has installed a Women’s Health kiosk in the Public Health Clinic lobby near the registration/check-out area. The Commission has initiated this program to better serve the needs of the women in Kentucky by supplying them with information and resources vital to living healthy lives while helping the Commission gain better information about this population in hopes to better serve their health care needs. This self-guided kiosk, complete with touch screen capabilities, offers information on a wide variety of topics including heart disease, breast cancer, domestic violence, depression and more.

A special feature of this kiosk includes a telephone receiver and the ability for anyone to call and speak to a live person directly from the kiosk for further information on mental health, cancer and domestic health services, as well as the ability to schedule a PAP/mammogram appointment. This is the eighth kiosk the Kentucky Commission On Women has installed across the Commonwealth.

The Public Health Clinic team is excited about this new, innovative opportunity to help the women in our community live healthier lives, and invites you to stop by and check out the kiosk when you have a chance!

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