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An artful compliment

Take a moment to enjoy this drawing that a student made for Patti Boggs, a school health nurse.

Chili Master to be named at October 23 United Way Chili Cook-off

In order to submit your chili to contend for the 2013 Chili Master title, please fill out the information below completely. If you have questions about the Chili Cook-off, please contact Lauren Kirk at ext. 2527.

Please note: The PH EA will provide bowls, spoons, crackers, napkins, electric outlets to plug in crock pots, and chili labels. All the participants will need to bring their chili in a crock pot in order to maintain proper serving temperature. Participants will also need to bring their own serving utensil(s) and any side items/toppings.

Stepping to Wellness returns September 30

Brush up on the Employee Fall Walking Program Rules by clicking here.

Health Equity Network to host event October 8

Wear pink on October 4; raise awareness for breast cancer

Want to help us raise awareness for breast cancer during October (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month)? Tweet us @LFCHD with you and your co-workers dressed in jeans and a pink T-shirt on Friday, October 4 (and throughout the month), and encourage others to do the same.

A HANDS-on demonstration

Lee Ann Street, RN, professional visitor and family support worker, gave a “HANDS-on” demonstration on how to make a tied blanket as an activity HANDS staff can do with their families to promote tummy time for newborns.

The finished product!

2nd Sunday is October 13

Tune into Health Three60

The next Health Three60 program reveals how Kentucky counties stack up in the race toward health in “Healthy Competition: How County Health Rankings Are Catalyzing Change.” Host Renee Shaw and guests explore three regions of the state and discuss how innovative strategies, relentless analysis of data, and a little competitive spirit can bring about improved health outcomes. The show airs Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 9/8 p.m. on KET.
Read more…

Tailgating Food Safety: 101

How do you handle marinated meat for tailgate cooking? Can you partially cook food at home so it grills faster at the tailgate gathering? What are the safe temperatures for cooking meat and poultry? How do you avoid cross-contamination? Are leftovers from a tailgate party safe to eat later?

As summer comes to a close, and fall quickly approaches, many people are planning tailgates with family and friends. The questions above are some of the things you should keep in mind as you plan and/or participate in upcoming tailgates.

Lucky for you the Environmental Health team has pulled together a list of things that will help you assure food is kept safe at tailgate gatherings. Click here to see the helpful tips!

Did you know? The same safe food handling practices as picnicking outdoors because a refrigerator and running water are probably not available. Include lots of clean utensils for preparing and serving the safely cooked food. In addition to a grill and fuel for cooking food, pack a food thermometer to be sure the meat and poultry reach a high enough temperature to destroy any harmful bacteria that may be present.

Have you seen…?

Have you seen these new resources floating around the health department?

The first is a generic business card designed to give people easy points of contact to learn more about health department events, classes and news.

The second card is a resource directory for those struggling with, or affected by, substance abuse. Health department staff represent the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department on both the DrugFreeLex Coalition (the Mayor’s Alliance/Fayette County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy) and the LFUCG Herion Task Force, and these cards are being distributed community-wide to provide solid resources to help prevent substance abuse. You can also help spread this message by finding DrugFreeLex on Facebook and Twitter, or at

If you don’t have access to these resources but feel they would be beneficial for you to have on-hand, please have your supervisor contact Greg Hiles.

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