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Tailgating Food Safety: 101

How do you handle marinated meat for tailgate cooking? Can you partially cook food at home so it grills faster at the tailgate gathering? What are the safe temperatures for cooking meat and poultry? How do you avoid cross-contamination? Are leftovers from a tailgate party safe to eat later?

As summer comes to a close, and fall quickly approaches, many people are planning tailgates with family and friends. The questions above are some of the things you should keep in mind as you plan and/or participate in upcoming tailgates.

Lucky for you the Environmental Health team has pulled together a list of things that will help you assure food is kept safe at tailgate gatherings. Click here to see the helpful tips!

Did you know? The same safe food handling practices as picnicking outdoors because a refrigerator and running water are probably not available. Include lots of clean utensils for preparing and serving the safely cooked food. In addition to a grill and fuel for cooking food, pack a food thermometer to be sure the meat and poultry reach a high enough temperature to destroy any harmful bacteria that may be present.

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