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National Nurses Week begins May 6

Take a moment to join us and help celebrate National Nurses Week 2014. This year’s theme, Nurses Leading the Way, promotes nursing leadership as nurses improve the quality of health care and ultimately, the health of the nation.

Annually, National Nurses Week begins on May 6, marked as Registered Nurse (RN) Recognition Day, and ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of nursing as a modern profession.

The American Nurses Association encourages all RNs to participate in recognition activities and to educate the public about the nursing profession and its role in their lives.

Please join us in recognizing the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department’s public health nurses:

Sandy Breeding, APRN, Public Health Clinic Team Leader
Holly Clendenin, RN, Child Care Health Consultation
Laura Collins, RN, BSN, Coordinator Nurse Specialist, Communicable Disease
Lois Davis, RN, Public Health Nursing Manager
Kimberly Harris, RN, Public Health Clinic
Cynthia Kahlo, RN, Public Health Clinic
Catherine Lowe, RN, Child Care Health Consultation
Cathy Maxwell, RN, BSN, Communicable Disease Nurse Specialist
Terry Mehok, RN, HANDS
Roanya Rice, RN, Public Health Officer
Moni Shields, RN, HANDS
LeeAnn Street, RN, HANDS
Janet Turner, RN, HANDS
Trenna Vandergrift, APRN, Public Health Clinic
Pam Weinstock, RN, BSN, Communicable Disease Nurse Specialist
Janey Wendschlag, RN, Diabetes Education Program
Cindy Wilson, RN, HANDS
Patti Boggs, RN, School Health
Jaleen Cagle, RN, School Health
Stephanie Carpenter, RN, School Health
Marydale Coleman, RN, School Health
Anne Copple, RN, School Health
Kim Darland, RN, School Health
Kristen Dostart, RN, School Health
Tami Dungan, RN, School Health
Heather Fugate, RN, School Health
Cheryl Green, LPN, School Health
Diana Ishmael, RN, School Health
Angela Jones, LPN, School Health
Bentoria Jones, LPN, School Health
Carol Jung, RN, School Health
Cheryl Kelly, RN, School Health
Debbie Kerns, RN, School Health
Jill Keys, RN, School Health
Eva Mateeva-Allie, LPN, School Health
Niki May, RN, School Health
Michelle McCune, LPN, School Health
Liz Pfeffer, RN, School Health
Jerri Prince, RN, School Health
Laura Proctor, RN, School Health
Susan Reemelin, RN, School Health
Melinda Rickle, LPN, School Health
Ann Thompson, RN, School Health
Heather Toews, RN, School Health
Deddie VanBussum, RN, School Health
Anna Wasilkowski, RN, School Health
Janis Wellinghurst, LPN, School Health
Carla Basanta, RN, Public Health Nursing Coordinator

Click here to read a National Nurses Week Declaration from Kentucky Department for Public Health Commissioner Dr. Stephanie Mayfield.

To learn more about Nurses Week, click here.

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