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LFCHD pets put their paws all over social media

Recently, we asked Lexington-Fayette County Health Department employees to send in pictures of their pets to help the Communications Office countdown to tonight’s Rabies Vaccination Clinic on the department’s Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages. Their debuts blanketed our pages and took social media by storm! Thank you to everyone who took a moment to send in their pictures!

Click thru the red ‘Read more…’ link below to see how you helped us promote this wonderful event.

Misty Rasche’s dogs, Linus and Schroeder

Trenna Vandergrift’s dog

Terri Phelp’s dog, Sammy

Saymond Ardila’s dog

Katie Myatt’s baby and her dog, Sly

Julie Moon and her dog

Jessica Cobb, her daughters, Daphne and Phoebe, and their cat, Little Kitty

Jenny Preston with her husband and their dog, Zoey

Jaime Lundblad and her cat, Petra

Elayne Hollinger and her cat, Pearl

Estephany Romero with her daughter and their dog

Dr. Rice Leach’s son, John, and their dog

Shannon Cropper and her dog

Connie Boyd with her dogs, Reese and Lucy, and her cat, Sugar

Greg and Allison Hiles’s dog and cat, Mars and Ellie

Catherine Lowe’s daughter and their dog

Cristina Hiten and her dogs, Cece and Ari

Yvonne Beatty’s dog, Miss Casey Nicole Beatty

Angela Brumley-Shelton with her husband, two sons and their dogs

Alyson Layne and her two cats, Bella and Habermas

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