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May 15 is National Employee Health & Fitness Day

Today is National Employee Health and Fitness Day (May is also Global Employee Health and Fitness Month), a national observance created to promote the benefits of physical activity for individuals through their worksite health promotion activities.

In case you missed it, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department’s Wellness Committee signed up the LFCHD to participate in this year’s Bluegrass Wellness at Work Challenge. On this day, the Committee hopes all employees make a pledge to join the challenge and help the department win the Agency Fitness Challenge (you’ll even earn 50 worksite wellness incentive points if you log points each week of the challenge).

How can you help us win this challenge? It’s easy!

• Keep track of your exercise and give yourself 1 point for every 15 minutes you exercise during or outside of work.

• You can count exercise/points accumulated May 4-June 15.

• To streamline the participation in the challenge, Bluegrass Wellness at Work has created a basic app so all participants can track their own activity. The app is available for iOS via the iTunes App Store, Android via Google Play — search for Bwawapp — and is also accessible directly from a desktop, laptop or mobile browser at

Make sure to keep a close eye on your work email for instructions on how to log in to add your points — user name and password information will be included via email announcements.

• Once inside your app., on the left hand side, click the add activity icon. Click on the date you completed your activity on the calendar. Type your activity starting time and select the duration and activity from the drop down menu. Then click save and you are done.

Thanks to all employees who have already logged points! So far, our organization already has 632 points!

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