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School health nurse credited for saving a life

Kim Darland is a school health nurse at Tates Creek Middle School, Martin Luther King Academy, The Learning Center and Eastside Technical School. A substitute teacher recently showed up for work, and when she arrived, she said she didn’t feel well, barely making it up the steps. A co-worker said she’s normally very chipper and they usually have a conversation about the weekend, but not that day.

Kimberly Darland
Kim took her blood pressure as soon as she got on campus, and it was pretty bad.

It turns out the teacher had a blood clot in her leg that had burst into multiple clots, and they were covering each entrance into her heart. Fortunately, she was able to be treated in time, and she is on the road to recovery. Her cardiologist credits the quick response , saying otherwise she wouldn’t have made it. The teacher says very clearly Kim saved her life.

This note from one of the co-workers says it best: “We made a difference in someone else’s life today. My heart is full. She wanted me to make sure I let you know ‘Thank you!’”

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