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Environmental Health relocates to 650 Newtown Pike

Environmental Health employees have moved into their new office space at 650 Newtown Pike.
The following is the list of names of the EH staff who made the move, all of whom are keeping their existing telephone extensions. Internal mail should now be sent to them on the second floor:
Sybil Caballero
Russ Cantrell
Skip Castleman
Jessica Cobb
Pam Hopkins
Jaime Lundblad
Luke Mathis
Laura Sandusky
Nathan Powell
Barrett Schoeck
Joy Spencer
Kara Stanfield
Amy Sullivan
Chris Washington
Pam Weinstock
Danielle Wells
Ben White
Matt Yarnall

Kevin Gabhart and Ralph McCracken are located at the LFCHD warehouse at 808 Newtown Circle.

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