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Public Health Clinic opens at new location

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When the doors opened Wednesday morning, a relocation that has been in months in planning finally came to an end.

The Public Health Clinic is now open for business at 650 Newtown Pike, bringing the bulk of the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department’s services under one roof for the first time in several years.

The clinic got an unscheduled start the day before as a patient showed up in need of services before catching a bus to Texas to see family, some of whom he hadn’t seen in about 10 years. Rather than have him come back Wednesday and risk missing his trip, nurse Cindy Kahlo worked him through the system, which not only allowed him to remain on schedule, it gave staff a chance to make sure the clinic was operational.

The following list of staff can now be reached via internal mail or in person at 650 Newtown Pike. Their phone extensions remain the same:

WIC (first floor except where noted)
Stephanie Anklin
Claudia Astudillo
Doraine Bailey
Lupita Blankenship
Norma Bledsoe
Nkeshia Coleman (second floor)
Maria DeLaFuente
Trina Diuguid
Zinder Morris
Hannah Newsome
Laura Oliver
Veronica Perrin
Jenny Preston
Abigail Sargent
Trenna Vandergrift
Kelli Zik

Clinic (first floor except where noted)
Sandy Breeding (second floor)
Brittany Dominick
Lindsay Earlywine (second floor)
Kim Harris
Cristina Hiten (second floor)
Cindy Kahlo
Cathy Maxwell
Gianna McCann
Patricia Pasquarello
Cristina Persson
Nancy Rivera
Nilda Rivera
Jennifer Wyatt (second floor)

Medical Records (second floor)
Kemberly Crumbie
Rebecca Young

Previous updates
Here is information we’ve previously provided regarding the moves that took place in the last few months:
Communicable Disease
Environmental Health
Thanks for your help with this and for your patience during the changes!

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