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Get involved with “wet” recycling at LFCHD

LFCHD has two different recycling streams: “dry” paper/cardboard and “wet” beverage/food containers. This helps to keep the “dry” things clean and dry, and helps reduce the chances of bugs and odors throughout our buildings.

Smaller blue recycling bins are in most break areas.Green Team logo

Ways you can help:
• Empty, rinse and recap plastic bottles before placing in blue recycling bins. “Err” on the side of cleanliness.
• Empty and rinse aluminum or steel cans and glass containers before placing in blue recycling bins.
• Only bottles and cans in blue bins
• Only office paper products, newspaper, magazines and cardboard in grey bins or big blue office “Rosie” containers.

Note: These guidelines may be different from home recycling.

If you have any questions about recycling, please contact Tara Mason or Doraine Bailey.

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