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Targeted Prevention, CHEE work annual Pride Festival

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department had a successful day last Saturday at Lexington’s annual Pride Festival.

The Targeted Prevention team, in partnership with AIDS Volunteers of Lexington (AVOL) tested 36 people for HIV, passed out 2,220 condoms and provided 17 bleach kits. John Moses, Aaron Mosley, Theresa Lakin, Julie Moon and Sierra Dantzler worked the event for Targeted Prevention.

Our CHEE team also held about 40 diabetes risk tests, which identified 22 people as being at risk for diabetes. From there, they identified two people with pre-diabetes and two who were in the diabetes range. The team will follow up with those people in the next few weeks to see if they contacted a health care provider. If not, our employees will try to direct them to one. Carol Hisle, Tara Mason, Ruben Perez, Nancy Hiner, Melissa Smith, Drew Ritzel (student) and Melissa Dickey (Passport) worked the event for CHEE.

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