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Green Team reports on recycling, energy-saving highlights

In April, 76 staff members completed the 2015 Green Team quality improvement survey. The Green Team wanted to share highlights from the survey to show how all of us have changed in our “Green Practices” over the past year:

• The building temperature at 650 Newtown Pike is still a concern — many of you noted it tends to continue to be uncomfortably cool in all seasons.

• Fewer of you are turning off your computer units; we hope that you are turning off your monitors at the end of the day to help save electricity.Green Team logo

• Fewer of you are printing off documents to review (only 25 percent of respondents), but when you do print, you print double-sided!

• Around 90 percent replied that you were recycling paper and that you had plenty of access to Shred-it and recycling containers, including personal recycling containers at your desk.

• Several of you noted that you check to be sure that the lights are turned off behind you, at work and at home! Please note that bathroom lights are left on for a reason: they’re connected to the exhaust fans and automatic deodorizer sprayers, so please keep them on to keep the restrooms fresh!

• You’re recycling more cans, bottles and other containers at work and at home. Be sure to look for the signs noting the blue recycling containers for plastic bottles and aluminum cans at work!

The Green Team applauds your efforts to help the health department save money and resources and improve our “green footprint.” We’ll be wrapping up our Green quality improvement project soon. However, if you’d like to get involved in keeping the Health Department green, contact Tara Mason at ext. 2347.

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