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Mock’s family gives thanks for gift

Sam Mock, who many of you know from his time spent as part of the cleaning agency at 805 Newtown Circle, recently died from cancer. A team of LFCHD staff, led by Jennifer Wyatt, Lindsey Earlywine and Abby Sargent, collected funds to provide to his family in an effort to show how much they cared about Sam.

sam“I used to drop Sam off on days we had bad weather so he didn’t have to ride the bus to downtown just to turn around and get on another one so he could get home,” Sargent said. “Trenna Vandergrift would call him on the days we would close due to weather after one day seeing him come to work when we closed but he never received our calls because he was not a health department employee.”

Sargent delivered the money to Sam’s mother, who became emotional while sharing her thanks. “God bless you all, baby,” Sargent recalled Sam’s mother saying. “Every little bit helps, but this is such a blessing right now!”

Sam’s mother sent several programs from his funeral so they could be shared with people at the health department. “Of course it had Sam’s favorite team (UK) all over it,” Sargent said. “I know lots of us knew Sam and always spoke to him. He is very much missed, especially in the mornings when he would always say hello with a huge smile.”

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