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Handprint sign to welcome needle-exchange program guests

A new banner featuring the names and handprints of the LFCHD staff who planned and operate the needle-exchange program will soon hang in Corridor C.

Using the blue and green colors featured in the NEP’s logo and outreach material, employees left their handprints to show the teamwork that went into designing, building and launching this program.

The following staff are featured on the banner:
Jessica Cobb
Jeanette Hart
Kevin Hall
Bailey Preston
Laura Collins
Aaron Mosley Jr.
Julie Moon
Jessica Jackson
Katie Myatt
Jennifer Wyatt
Cristina Hiten
Trenna Vandergrift
Carla Basanta
Tara Mason
Wanda Martin
Roanya Rice
Doraine Bailey
Michelle Donaghy
Lois Davis
Darin Swartz
Dan Satterfield
Theresa Lakin
John Moses
Dr. Rice Leach
Sierra Dantzler
Carolyn Shammas
Lindsay Earlywine
Becky Lynn
Nancy Turner
Trish Williams
Ruben Perez
Amy Sullivan

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