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LFCHD earns kudos for flu shots


The following letter was sent to Carla Basanta and Lois Davis for their efforts with a flu shot clinic at St. Luke United Methodist Church!

The St. Luke Health team thanks you once again for bringing the flu immunizations to our annual Health Expo. Each year, the members look forward to your team of experts. In fact, the word continues to spread that your nurses give the best shots in town!!!

Carla, thank you for all you did in planning to make it a success, and Lois, it was truly special to have you with us for most of the evening. The event proved to be very successful. Just a side note, one of our members with the assistance of a nurse on our team discovered a breast lump. She mentioned that it felt similar to the one on the model we had displayed. Fortunately, the nurse referred her for an immediate follow-up. So, in addition to your immunizations, our health expo has been successful for various screenings over the years, and this is another example.

Please convey our thanks to all from the Health Department who participated. We look forward to seeing each of you next year!

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