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EA serves up a chili day

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The competition was fierce, but in the end only one person could go home with the crown

After staff tasted the multiple batches of chili, they cast their vote for the best, and the winner was Roanya Rice’s “Homestyle Chili.” Kevin Gabhart’s “Venison Red” finished second.
Hosted by the Employee Association, the event gave employees the chance to wear Halloween costumes, enjoy some chili and chat with each other while playing games, ranging from a ring toss to a cupcake walk.

Employees also had a chance to get their blood pressure checked, as well as enter into various raffles. The winners were:
• Wear Jeans to Work: Pam Hopkins
• Wear Jeans to Work: Estephany Romero
• Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader gift basket: Cristina Persson
• Mary Kay lotion and gloves: Katrina Howard
• Mary Kay gift basket: Roanya Rice
• Training session: Trenna Vandergrift

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