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Communicable Disease team breaks out

The Communicable Disease Team visited Breakout Lexington to challenge themselves to some super sleuthing good team building on Thursday, December 17. Each Breakout Game is a real life escape room adventure for a small group. Groups work together as a team to escape the room before time runs out. It is great for groups of friends, family or coworkers. You will solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden items and more in order to escape. You have one goal: escape the room in under one hour. The CD Team was split into 2 groups, as the game rooms are small and only accommodate up to 8, and all participated in the Derby Heist Game.

The group of Julie Moon, Lynnsey McGarrh, Maressa Starks-Baker, Laura Collins, John Moses and Sara Blankenship were able to recover the derby roses, the trophy and the winner’s check with a time of 60 minutes and 20 seconds. The group of Wanda Martin, Jessica Cobb, Aaron Mosley, Jr., Yvonne Beatty, Theresa Lakin, Kelly Swanner and Luke Mathis came close but did not end up completing in time. Even though both groups were not successful in breaking out, the team thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take some time away from the workplace to spend time together. The CD highly recommends this experience to others looking for a team building opportunity for their staff. The game was cost effective and not time consuming. Click here for more information about Breakout Lexington or call 859-904-9090. Feel free to ask the CD Team members about their experience, just don’t expect any hints or answers to the clues and puzzles!



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