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Safety Committee: Keep warm, but do it safely!

The following is shared on behalf of the Safety Committee:

During the winter, it is common for some areas of the building to be cooler as our HVAC units work harder to heat the building. Some staff choose to utilize space heaters to help keep their work areas warm and fans to circulate the air. Now is a good time to remind folks to use these devices safely.

According to, space heaters cause an estimated 21,000 fires per year! Follow the tips below when choosing a space heater to decrease the chances of fire or malfunction:

• Look for a safety certification label such as UL, ETL or CSA
• Check power cords for cracks, fraying, loose connections or broken plugs
• Never use on uneven surfaces or on tables
• Always unplug at the end of the day or when space heater or fan is not in use!
• Furthermore, Lexington-Fayette County Health Department has a HVAC policy that staff should be familiar with, especially if they choose to use a space heater/fan. The policy can be found here: HVAC policy.

Any employee using a space heater/fan must sign the “Space Heater Agreement Form” located on the Intranet under Safety>Safety Forms and return the form to Bill Cooper by Friday, Feb. 26. Any employee who is non-compliant with these rules will be asked to remove the heater immediately.

Keep warm, but do it safely!

Please contact a member of the Safety Committee if you have any questions: Doraine Bailey (chair), Carla Basanta, Yvonne Beatty, Russell Cantrell, Karen Cecil, Bill Cooper, Jack Cornett, Lindsay Earlywine, Sara Gabbard, Jeanette Hart, Alyson Lane, Tara Mason, Estephany Romero and Rebekah Shoopman.

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