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Keys to receive Masters in Education from UK

Jill Keys, a team leader in School Health, will receive her Masters of Science in Education from the University of Kentucky in May. She recently completed her final project on the importance of immunizations in the preschool population, highlighting the challenges families face in trying to obtain immunizations. She also looked at the educational needs of parents, educators and medical providers, including topics like current regulations, the concern with autism, side effects and outbreaks.

Our late commissioner wasn’t too far from her thoughts.

“Dr. Leach came to mind when I was presenting,” Keys said of her final project. “He was a strong supporter in me finishing my degree and talked to me weekly about my progress. My last conversation I had with him here at the health department was him asking how my paper was going. I finished it late on March 31. During my presentation, I talked about the importance of keeping children healthy so they can stay in school to obtain the education they need and parents can stay at work, something Dr. Leach said frequently as a reason to have school nurses in the school.”


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