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School health nurses receive note of thanks

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May 11 was School Health Nurses Day, and our staff received a note of thanks from Fayette County Public Schools.

“Please pass on to your staff how much we appreciate everything they do. Not only do they deal with all the sick, icky, stuff – the underbelly of school, they do it with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts (we don’t judge the lyrics). I have seen and heard amazing things and I stand in awe of their professionalism and their dedication. It is tempting for folks to get caught up on the ‘you only work nine months out of the year’ and totally miss that every day has 12 days packed in.

“So thank you all for wiping the tears, bandaging the cuts and bruises, locating the lice and bedbugs, holding a child’s head while they vomit, taking the temperatures, dispensing the medications, counting the carbs, working on field trips, counseling teenagers, dealing with parents and… One day does not contain the appreciation and admiration we feel for all you do.

“On behalf of Fayette County Public Schools – Happy School Nurse Day!!!!”

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