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Targeted Prevention works annual Pride Festival

On Saturday, June 25, Lexington held its 9th annual Lexington Pride Festival, hosted by Pride Community Services. The Lexington Pride festival is the cities second largest free event that offers entertainment, food and beverages, and a chance for the Targeted Prevention team to conduct STI/HIV outreach. Many vendors and organizations were in attendance. Our team partnered with AVOL to provide free HIV screenings. Julie Moon, Lynnsey McGarrh, John Moses, Aaron Mosley Jr., and Beth Stroupe all participated in this year’s event. They distributed approximately 2,500 condoms, disseminated information about our Needle Exchange Program and other health department services, and provided education regarding safe sex practices. The team continues to conduct free HIV testing to all those who are interested in knowing their status. For additional information please contact the targeted prevention team at 859-288-2437.

The Targeted Prevention team would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Humbaugh, who came to the event to show his support. He worked diligently alongside DIS to offer event participants information about what the health department had to offer our community. The targeted prevention team has now officially inducted Dr. Humbaugh as an unofficial “in-house DIS”!

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