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The following is from Katrina Howard, Compliance & Projects officer:

Happy Tuesday LFCHD Staff!

I hope you all have taken time over the past few days to think about values and what they mean to LFCHD.

In the past, the organization had defined their values as Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Loyalty, and Service.  Do these still apply today?  Are these the values that we need to adopt to achieve our mission and vision?

I thought I would share the values of different health departments with you today:

Franklin County Health Department

Accountability · Dedication · Empowerment · Equity · Excellence · Flexibility · Integrity · Respect

Barren River District Health Department

Professional · Caring · Competent · Dependable · Teamwork

Northern Kentucky Health Department

Respect · Excellence · Adaptability · Linkage · Sharing

Northern Kentucky Health Department also defines how their health department shows these values every day:

Respect: We embrace diversity and approach all people and ideas with dignity and open minds.

Excellence: We strive to meet customer and community needs by providing the highest quality services, with a highly skilled workforce, through individual efforts and teamwork.

Adaptability: We creatively apply technology, information, research and resources to effectively respond to the changing environment and changing needs of those we serve.

Linkage: We form and maintain internal and external relationships for the mutual benefit of the community through collaboration and the sharing of information, resources and ideas to achieve a common goal.

Integrity: We act with a consistency of character, and are forthright, open and accountable to our customers, our taxpayers and to each other for our action.


Now for the fun part: our values guessing game!

What company do you think these values belong to?




















Did you guess Disney?  If so, you are correct!  Great job!

Have a great day and look forward to my next message on Thursday!

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