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Employee Association hosts annual Winter Event

With a photo booth, a buffet feast, prizes and even a hypnotist, Friday’s annual Winter Event proved to be an absolute hit among staff!.

Special thanks to the Employee Association for all the hard work in planning the event and making it a success:

  • Elaine Bailey
  • Coreise Burrel
  • Carol Hisle
  • Lupe Delafuente
  • Laura Foley
  • Jeanette Hart
  • Theresa Lakin
  • Laura Martinez
  • Christy Nentwick
  • Christina Perrson
  • Bailey Preston
  • Roanya Rice
  • Sharon Robinson
  • Cory Rutledge
  • Abbigail Sargent
  • Tara Mason
  • Mia Williams
  • Rebecca Young

Be sure to click on a picture below to see a larger image!


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