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Safety Committee offers tips to avoid car break-ins

‘Tis the season … for vehicle break-ins.

The Safety Committee has compiled a list below to prevent vehicle break-ins. Your Sonitrol badge should also be stored safely and not in your vehicle.

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins
1. Lock your doors
• 25 percent of car thefts are from unlocked vehicles.
2. Keep it clean
• Empty shopping bags can be seen as valuable. Don’t keep extra bags or other objects in sight.
3. Conceal all evidence
• Hide all evidence of electronics, even car chargers for cell phones.
4. Stash before you leave, not after you park
• Car thieves will watch people put their valuables in the trunk. Put them in the trunk before you leave for your destination.
5. Park for visibility
• Aim for a high visibility area around lights and other vehicles. Avoid concealment from oversized vehicles, fences or trees.


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