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Why is vision care important?

Annual eye exams can detect early signs of these health conditions:

  • High blood pressure-retina changes caused by high blood pressure is known as hypertensive retinopathy.
  • Glaucoma-caused by increased fluid pressure in the eye that damages the optic nerve and retina.
  • Thyroid eye disease-also known as Graves’ eye disease, is the manifestation of hyperthyroidism  on and around the structures of  the eyes.
  • Heart conditions-signs of serious heart conditions can show up earlier in the eye due to unobstructed views of blood vessels.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy-symptoms are usually unnoticeable until it’s too late. When your eye doctor dilates your eyes your blood vessels can be checked for early diagnosis.

Eye Med offers discounts for hearing exams and hearing aids through Amplifon Hearing Health Care.

  • One in nine Americans have hearing loss.
  • Hearing and vision loss go hand in hand.
  • 95% of hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids.

Get the most out of life and stay on top of your health and vision care by getting an annual eye exam. All benefit eligible employees have the option to choose supplemental vision insurance through Eye Med during open enrollment. You can use this supplemental vision insurance along with your Baptist Health Plan vision coverage. When you use both vision insurance plans together, all you need to do is decide which plan you want to be primary and then use the secondary process as out of network.

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