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Environmental Health & Protection team gets in on a Countdown

EH countdown1The Environmental Health & Protection team used the LFCHD team-building opportunity to play in the Countdown Games on March 20.

The Countdown Games involve groups of people teaming up to solve puzzles and use clues to escape from a room or area within an hour. The games are not only fun but also require the teams to work together and rely on each other to solve problems and navigate obstacles.

EH countdown2

Team 1

EH&P split up into three teams. Team 1 successfully worked together to conquer the Shock& Awe course. The team narrowly came out victorious by 3 seconds with a completion time of 59.57!

EH countdown3

Team 2

Team 2 was also successful in their bid to avoid destruction in the Time Bomb course. The team saved Lexington by disabling a deadly bomb within 53 minutes and 23 seconds.

EH countdown4

Team 3

Unfortunately, Team 3 was a few minutes late in solving the Pharaoh’s curse and were trapped in an Egyptian tomb for eternity.

The EH&P team all enjoyed the Countdown Games experience. They worked together and all had an opportunity to interact with others in different work units.

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