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Baptist Health Medical plan features

For those of you who participate in the Baptist Health Medical plans, there are features you may not know…

Baptist Health offers numerous additional services to members enrolled in their health care plans. These are just a few of the additional services:

  • Nurse First: Baptist Health provides access to a registered nurse to answer health care concerns and questions for members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The number is 1-800-391-6861.
  • Tobacco Cessation Coverage: Prescription and generic over-the-counter tobacco cessation products that are fully covered as part of the health care reform law when prescribed by a health care provider:
    • Prescription drugs covered: Bupropion SR, Chantix, Nicotrol inhaler, Nicotrol NS
    • Generic over-the-counter products covered: Generic Nicotine Gum, Generic Nicotine Lozenge, Generic Nicotine Transdermal Patch
  • Vitals SmartShopper: If your doctor has referred you for a medical service or diagnostic test, you can take advantage of the benefits of SmartShopper. If you have a choice of where the services are preformed visit or call 855-869-2133 at least 24 hours before the test or procedure. After you choose a cost-effective facility with SmartShopper, they will mail your rewards check to your home within 60 days after your claim is paid (HMO Plans are not eligible for this service).

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